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We believe in working with our clients as partners, to learn from each other in our journey together to maximize health. It's our job to educate you on the proper care of your body, in order to optimize your performance.

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Neurological Integration System

The foundation of our approach to maximize your health is through utilizing Neurological Integration System (NIS). NIS addresses many common sources that can cause ill health and interfere with the body’s ability to heal itself. Often other therapies are not effective if there is interference in the underlying signaling system. This can prevent your body from restoring optimal function. Since your nervous system governs all functions of the body and makes the corrections, it eliminates the possibility of unwanted side effects that can occur from other therapies. With NIS we are treating your body as whole and integrated system to restore homeostasis (balance of all systems).


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Allergy Desensitization-NAET


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  • Isabelle B

    Monday I had pain all day on the right side of my right leg--from my ankle to the top of my leg. Thanks Dr. Oh, I had no pain today (Tuesday).

  • Christina T

    I have been a patient of Cascadia Wellness Clinic as needed for over 10 years and I have been very satisfied with my experiences there.

  • Kim W

    My experience has always been excellent and I have referred family and friends in the past.